May 26, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Goodwin University Staff


Bryan Soltis, Assistant Vice President and Controller

Andrea Brown, Accounting Supervisor

Bob Gentes, Assistant Director of Finance of Magnet Schools

Christie Hary, AP Analyst

Davilee Sherri-Ann Smith, AP Supervisor

Jason Gregory Miklas, Staff Accountant

Jessica Moura, Staff Accountant

Michael Robert McCarthy, Staff Accountant


Senior Cabinet

Mark Scheinberg, President

Bryant Harrell, Senior Vice President for Physical Facilities, Information Technology, and Security

Dan Noonan, Senior Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications

Edwin Meyer, Jr., Vice President for Finance

Jean White, Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Community Culture

Melissa Quinlan, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Michael James Pardales, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Todd Andrews, Senior Vice President for Economic and Strategic Development

President’s Cabinet

Clifford Thermer, Assistant Vice President for Business Development and Dean

Diana LaRocco, Dean of the School of Applied Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Nicholas Lentino, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment

Sandra Ward, Assistant Vice President of Grants

Kim McGinnis, Dean of Students

Administrative Staff

Alyse Dena Marion, Executive Assistant to Mark Scheinberg, President

Caroline Carson, Executive Assistant to Edwin Meyer, VP for Finance

Jana Damm, Executive Assistant to Todd Andrews, Senior VP for Economic and Strategic Development

Janet Concatelli, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students

Lisa Bifolck, Executive Assistant to Bryant Harrell, Senior VP for Facilities, IT, and Security

Natasha Shekar, Executive Assistant to Jean White, Senior VP for Human Resources

Neysa Airas, Executive Assistant to Melissa Quinlan, VP for Institutional Effectiveness and Dan Noonan, Senior VP for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications

Advancement and Grants

Sandra Ward, Assistant Vice President

Amy Rodriguez, Grants Associate

Heidi Carlson, Senior Foundation and Grants Officer

Kristin Brisbon, Director of Grants

Michelle Strawder, Magnet School Grants Coordinator

Sarah Bogdanski-Bourdon, Senior Grants Officer


Kaitlyn Pflaum, Director of Academic Advising

Angelica Ortiz, Administrative Assistant

Cecily Collazo, Academic Advisor and Project Coordinator

Ebony Minott, Academic Advisor

Frank Ruotolo, Nursing Academic Advisor

Jessica Christolini, Senior Academic Advisor

Kaitlyn Pflaum, Senior Academic Advisor

Lisa Marie Leggett, Academic Advisor

Maira Pantoja, Academic Advisor

Nakia Washington, Senior Academic Advisor

Olivia Chantel Arnson, Academic Advisor

Patty Slater, Academic Advisor

Sarah Autieri, Academic Advisor

Business Office

Teresa Jylkka, Senior Director

Brittany Grant, Student Account Specialist

Jennifer Nieves, Student Account Specialist

Jessica Rose Moise, Student Account Specialist

Lashunda Nieves, Student Account Specialist

Lashunda Nolen, Student Account Manager

Nicole Taylor O’Bryan, Student Account Specialist

Patrick Libby, Senior Financial Analyst

Sara Marie Demonstranti, Student Account Specialist

Sheekeela Raquel Edwards, Student Account Specialist

Continuing Education

Gaetano Labella, Director, College Relations

Melanie Hoben, Director of Workforce Development

Susan Branca-Kuehn, Administrative Assistant

Charles McGinnis, Senior Director of Continuing Education

Economic and Strategic Development

Mark Kirwan McGovern, Director of Economic Development

Gary Minor, Economic Consultant


Nicholas Lentino, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment

Adela Turbett, ARC Representative

Allyson Brianna Foster, Admission Officer

Andrea Delisser, Assistant Director, Admissions

Ashley Sarah Nafis, ARC Representative

Ayla Raes, Admissions Assistant

Bobella Daley, Director of Admissions

Bridget Gavin, ARC Supervisor

Caitlyn Anderson, Admission Officer

Caroline Rose Houston, Admission Officer

Cheslea Nicole Wright, Admission Officer

Deanne Anderson, ARC Dean

Gianna Rose Carbone, Admission Officer

Jazmyn Aurice-Marie Edmonds, ARC Representative

Jean Ahking, Applicant Advisor

Jeffrey Currey, SNAP Intake Facilitator

Jeffrey Francis Woodcock, Applicant Advisor

Jennifer Gibbs, Applicant Advisor

Julia Josephine Rosado, ARC Representative

Kate Lis, Senior Admissions Officer

Kaylyn Rogers, Applicant Advising Manager

Kelsey Nichole Hammerman, Admission Officer

Lori Jarvis, Admissions Specialist

Mary Rachel Lyons, Admission Officer

Meghan Lucas, Applicant Advisor

Monica Steller, Assistant Director, Admissions

Renee Mirmina, Admissions Manager

Thomas Pisani, SNAP Supervisor

Facilities Management

Raymond Maselek, Assistant Vice President of Facilities

Amerfi Roman, Custodian Supervisor

Andrew Dawson, Maintenance Supervisor

Antonio Matta, College Architect and Program Manager

Bryant Harrell Jr, Project Manager

Christian Manuel Caballero, Maintenance Specialist

Daniel Mark Bond, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

David Creswell, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Denise Joann Camejo, Custodian

Erich Todte, Director, Grounds & Fleet Maintenance

Evan Wisz, Lead Maintenance Specialist

Fabiola Costa Simoes Venegas, Administrative Assistant

Fady El-Hachem, Project Specialist

Gerald Jarvis, Custodian

Gregory Bouchard, Maintenance Specialist

Ismael Roman, Director of Custodial Operations

James Arsenault, Project Manager

James Nargi Jr, Director of Facilities

Jeremy Mcdermott, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Jeromy Schevola, Lead Custodian

Jesica Lorena Arevalo, Custodian

Jordyn Cole, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Joshua Carlton Strout, Custodian

Juan M Villalobos Ulloa, Custodian

Juana Toro, Custodian

Judith Klotzbier, Lead Custodian

Kevin Leroux, Custodian Supervisor

Luan Qazimi, Custodian Luis Antonio Pacheco Jr, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Manola Qazimi, Custodian

Matthew Kaminski, Fleet Maintenance Manager

Mitchell Spencer, Maintenance Specialist

Nesiba Bajric, Custodian

Paul Eric Campbell, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Peter Harris, Lead Custodian

Randy Scott Dumond, Maintenance Specialist- Special Projects

Raymond John Majerski, Custodian

Raymond Solomson Jr, Maintenance Supervisor

Roger Plourde, Roving Porter

Ronald Paradis, Maintenance Supervisor

Salvatore Cantone, Maintenance Supervisor

Timothy Leblanc, Lead Maintenance Specialist

Timothy Perkins, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Valencia Sherrae Williams, Director of Campus Realty & Property Management

Yanna Mateo, Lead Custodian

Financial Aid

Bonnie Soltz-Knowlton, Senior Director

Elizabeth Bramon, Administrative Assistant of Financial Aid

Angela Gaudet, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Christina Sorano, Financial Aid Supervisor

Dominic Discepolo, Financial Aid Counselor

Frederick Apprey, Financial Aid Counselor

Georgeta Moarcas, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Jayda Hawley, FWS Coordinator

Kaitlyn Wright, Team Lead Financial Aid

Kendra Chase Lee, Financial Aid Counselor

Latanya Moultrie, Financial Aid Counselor

Lindsay Demonstranti, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Melissa Joanne Heath, Financial Literacy Coordinator

Maria Cruz, Senior Financial Aid Processor

Yasaman Rogers, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Goodwin Foundation

Hannah Granfield, Director of Foundation Relations

Joanna DiStefano, Alumni Relations Coordinator

Karen Gilbert, Director of Development

Goodwin University Magnet Schools

David Daye, Director of Magnet Schools System Operations

Bob Gentes, Assistant Director of Finance of Magnet Schools

Salvatore Francis Menzo, Superintendent of GU Magnet Schools

Wojciech Magiera, Magnet School Technology Administrator

Human Resources

Terry Antoine, Director of Human Resources

Alden Rebecca Minick, Title IX and Equity Coordinator

Alexis Faith Marie Little, Guest Services Representative

Beth Frechette, Director of Learning, Development & Engagement

Karina Marie Neal, Guest Services Representative

Larisa Kowaleski, Recruiting Assistant

Leah Peters, Human Resources Manager

Lori Loening, Assistant Director of Payroll & Compensation

Meghan Murphy, Human Resources Specialist

Meredith Rose Hartnett, Guest Services Representative

Information Technology

John Ruggirello, Senior Director of Information Technology

Andre Manson, Help Desk Support Specialist

Andrew Grady, Help Desk Specialist

Barbara Marie Astacio, Help Desk Specialist

Bill Grehl, Senior Systems Administrator

Christopher Jordan Cain, Help Desk Specialist

Eric James Petersen, System Administrator

Evan Thomas Curry, Help Desk Specialist

Jose Romero, Help Desk Specialist

Joshua Jones, Application Specialist

Piotr Krzemien, Help Desk Manager

Institutional Effectiveness

Kristy Huntley, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Anastasiya Korshykava, Senior Research Analyst

Grace Libby, Assistant Director of Institutional Research

M. Holly Saila-Ngita, Senior Research Analyst

Sharon Koch, Associate Dean of Accreditation

Library and Learning Center

Scott Anthony Hughes, Director of Library

Adrienne Lee Mantegna, Professional Tutor

Megan Ciccarello, Librarian I - Technical Services

Tori Hicks, Librarian I - Technical Services

Cynthia Hunt, Academic Success Center Coordinator 

Delano Paul, Professional Tutor

Donald Sega, Lead Professional Math Tutor

Elizabeth Brown, Professional Tutor

Fekrije Konjusha, Professional Tutor

Gail Mauthe, Professional Tutor

Jennifer Carter, Professional Tutor

Kaitlin Brianne Fontanella Clark, Librarian I Reference

Michael Bailey, Professional Tutor

Natalie Anne-Marie Thibodeau, Professional Tutor of Biology

Natasha Progonati, Professional Tutor

Patricia Albers, Professional Tutor

Ryan Corthouts, Professional Tutor

Sarah Grip, Professional Tutor

Marketing and Communications

Philip Moore, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Abigail Levandoski, Communications Manager

Brianna Gagne, Content Writer

Carling Suzanne Willis, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Charissa Bass, Senior Web Designer/Developer

Erica Goulet, Director of Marketing & Communications

Gabrielle Hamel, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Geonna Snyder, Marketing Photographer/Videographer

Jacob Toomey, Junior Web Designer/Developer

Kerra DiPippo, Social Media Coordinator

Peter Decoteau, Director of Marketing and Communications

Samantha Bronwen Ryan, Senior Graphic Designer

Sibley Driscoll Muschinsky, Marketing Project & Production Coordinator

Susanna Seery, Graphic Designer

Online Studies and Center for Teaching Excellence

Lisa Coolidge Manley, Director of Online Learning and CTE

Austin Kenyon, Instructional Tech and LMS Admin

Benjamin Travers, Instructional Designer/Multimedia Instructional Producer

Brian James Hall, Instructional Designer & Data Support Derrick Toce, Instructional Tech Support Developer

Eli Cabrera, Application Programmer Analyst

Karrie Morin, Director of CTE

Kathryn Jensen, Senior Instructional Designer

Paula Mclean, Instructional Tech Support Developer


M. Holly Saila-Ngita, Registrar

Beverly Carter, Senior Administrative Assistant

Judith Zimmerman, Vice President Emerita

Erica Villaparedes, Registration Coordinator

Ivy Kimble, Records and Enrollment Manager

Katherine Mamed, School Certifying Official and Transfer Coordinator

Liz Belleau, Assistant Registrar

Ora Campbell, Student Records Specialist

Samantha Strout, Student Records Specialist

School of Applied Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Diana LaRocco, Dean of the School of Applied Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Natalie Rose Czesak, Senior Administrative Assistant

Susan Johnson, Senior Administrative Assistant

School of Business, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing

Clifford Thermer, Dean of the School of Business, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing, Assistant Vice President for Business Development, and Associate Professor

Abdelfattah Qsaib, CNC Lab Tech

Allan Nelson, Associate Quality Lab Technician

Allison Catherine Gavin, Administrative Assistant of BTAM

Amy Wergin, Professional Mentor

Brian Sullivan, Professional Mentor

Edward Andrews, Professional Mentor

Kira Svirskiy, Senior Administrative Assistant

Leslie Sinnock, Lead Quality Lab Technician

Ryan Matthew Eckles, Welding Lab Technician

Taylor Desmarest, Associate Quality Lab Technician

Thomas Curry, Quality Lab Technician

Timmy Raymond, CNC Lab Tech Wilfredo Sanchez, Professional Mentor Security

Wilfredo Sanchez, Professional Mentor


Richard Vibberts, Director of Security

Bill Keyt, Boat Captain

Chester Churchwood Johnson, Bus Driver

Gerald Tomkiel, Assistant Director of Security

Marcus Nicholas McGhie, CDL Class A- Per Diem Driver

Nicole Lewis, Bus Driver

Roberto Gonzalez, First Mate

Scott Kennedy, CDL Class A Driver

Student Services

Kim McGinnis, Dean of Students 

Eric Emet, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Director of Athletics, and Instructor of MSOL

Danni Millett, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Janae Brissett, EOP Coordinator

Bryton Ferris, Manager of University Reading Program

Craig Jordan, Veteran Military Affairs Coordinator

Isamar Rodriguez, Community and Educational Service Learning Coordinator

Martin Levine, Senior Career Specialist

Molly Zatony, AccessAbility Coordinator

Travis Samuels, Case Manager/Housing/EOP Specialist

Vanessa Pergolizzi, Student Engagement Manager

Terrence Greaves, Manager, ConnCAP and Early College

Vanessa Pergolizzi, Student Engagement Manager

Lisa Mooney, Counseling Center Director

Mari Sullivan, Counselor

Nicole Quigley, Career Coordinator